Kata will grow and expand…

From The Art and the Way

By Robert Hunt

Robert Hunt

“Matsuba was small and wiry and wore his hair in the traditional topknot of the Okinawan Bushi, the warrior class. He was a kind man, but he had a fiery temper. When the edict came down after the Meiji Restoration that the topknot had been outlawed, he stood in the middle of the street and dared any Japanese to try to cut his off. Fortunately for them, no one did. Matsuba had studied karate from the great Matsumura, who learned it from Sakugawa, the one they called “Karate” Sakugawa because of his fame in the art. Matsuba was proud of his lineage and never changed the slightest movement of any of the many kata that he had learned. He understood that kata will change simply due to the physical structure of the person teaching it as well as the one learning; that it will grow and expand of its own accord and take on new meaning as the years rolled by, in spite of the pains taken to preserve it. That fact comprised the life spirit of karate, but he religiously passed on what he learned as closely to what had been shown him as was humanly possible.”

The Art and the Way - Book


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